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asioso net late reading KW24/2017:Content Deadlock, Republishing, DDoS attacks ...

The week of 12-18.06.2017 showed itself with different topics like: Content marketing, breakthrough in autonomous driving, product factory and more... We have prepared a review for you.

Study: Corporate culture hinders digitization

Bosch celebrates breakthrough in autonomous driving

6 Ways to Break the Content Deadlock in Personalization

With republicanism to successful content marketing

Merkel: In 20 years, you will only be allowed to drive a car with a special permit

User Research without budget

German online trade: DDoS attacks cause ongoing problems

The slimeball, the diva, the nerd: These types of colleagues challenge you

Managers back to school is behind digitization

Product-Factory: What we can learn from pharmaceutical companies about digitization

China's digital economy: What is behind Alibaba, Wechat mother Tencent and Baidu

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